10 Websites That Gives Free Services Worth Paying

Discover 10 amazing websites that provide free services and tools you would normally have to pay for.

10 websites that gives out free services

10 websites that gives free services worth paying for - infopays.online

As we all know, no one wants to pay more for what they can actually get for a lower cost or at no cost at all as in the case of the tools listed below in this article.
Infopays brings to you 10 of such tools which are extremely useful and can be accessed at no cost.

1. TinyWOW free online converter

TinyWow provides free online conversion, pdf, and other handy tools to help you solve problems of all types. All files both processed and unprocessed are deleted after 1 hour.

You Get free access to tools you would normally have to pay for. These free tools includes the likes of

Adobe Acrobat Pro( PDF editor)
Photoshop( image editor)
Background removal
Image converter
Link to image and much more
You don't have to sign up to use these tools, all you need to do to use this Link to access Tinywow and you're go to go

2. Jenni AI writing Assistant

Jenni AI is an AI writing assitant tool that automatically writes your articles and emails for you.

All you have to do is give it a name and a couple of rulings. Also according to the developer, Jenni AI is capable of 

providing high-quality suggestions as you write, enabling you to create powerful content 10x faster. 
Accurate plagiarism checker. Check Jenni's suggestion and your own text for ultimate peace of mind.
Jenni is the AI assistant that keeps you in the driver's seat. Jenni works with you as you write, and once you write with Jenni you can never go back.
I think it's really worth a try.

3. Temp- mail Your temperal mail box

Also know as your temperal mail 
Tried of spam mails, why not give Temp-mail a try. Temp- mail gives you a short-term email and inbox to assist you subscribe, send or receive mails from websites and get around all the spam down the line.

The mail box self destruct after a certain time elapse.

4. Quillbot your no 1 article rewriter

Quillbot is a free websites that is so precious it feels illegal to know, the website that rewrites everything as plagiarism free text.

Super handy if you ’re in council.

5. Loom screen recorder

A nifty little tool that lets you record your device screen and yourself at the identical time, so you can explain stuff just the way you want to.

6. Otter AI transcript your work

Have trouble taking jottings in a gathering?

Otter records your meetings and automatically transcribes them to text.

7. Pexels Get free video and photos

An stunning website that lets you download high grade stock Icons, images, illustration and videos for all your work and unique projects.

8. Removebg image background removal

An fantastic tool that lets you smoothly take off the background from your image and add in any background you like or leaves it without a background..

9. Convertio convert your files to different format

This website lets you convert files to any format you want for at zero cost.

10. Microcopy

An amazing resource that helps you locate compelling captions and taglines for your emails, websites, and much more.

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