Rev Up Your Website: The New Adsense Code for Lightning-Fast Loading Speed

Optimize your website's speed with the latest Adsense code update. Boost performance instantly!

Boost Your Website Speed with the New Adsense Code

The Adsense team has recently rolled out an improved Adsense code designed to enhance your page loading speed by reducing unnecessary resource consumption.

Many bloggers and site owners have voiced concerns about a significant drop in page speed after implementing AdSense code. Meeting core web vitals scores in tools like PageSpeed Insights and achieving a positive real-world Chrome user experience report can be challenging.

The new Adsense code has been optimized to improve loading performance and is compatible with both Auto ads and manual ad units.

Should You Upgrade Your Adsense Code?

Absolutely, it's advisable to upgrade your old AdSense code to the new version to turbocharge your website's speed performance.

Adsense has replaced all the old codes with the new ones in the Adsense dashboard. So, don't hesitate to replace the old codes in your theme with the new ones.

While the old codes will still function, it's highly recommended to make the switch as it contributes to improved speed performance and boosts your core web vitals score.

When changing the Ad code on your website, remember that your publisher ID remains the same for all ad codes.

What Does the New Ad Code Look Like?

The new Auto ads codes will have this appearance.

What's Different in This New Code Compared to the Old One?

The new Adsense code introduces a new HTML attribute, "crossorigin="anonymous"," which ensures that no user credentials are exchanged via cookies, client-side SSL certificates, or HTTP authentication.

This update in the Adsense code aims to enhance your website's speed and performance.

For more details on the Official Adsense Update, [read here](link to the official update).

Improving your website speed isn't limited to just the Adsense code update. Consider implementing other techniques like lazyloading of Adsense code, optimizing images, and more.

Here are some effective techniques to instantly boost your website speed:

- Lazyload Images in Blogger

- Lazyload YouTube Embedded iframes

- Lazyload Google Analytics code

- Update to the Latest jQuery code

- Fix Chain Critical Requests

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