The Narrow Path: Embracing True Discipleship and the Cost of Following Christ

 In our time, we find ourselves amid the allure of an easy gospel. It is an era where many are drawn to a gospel message that appears to accept sin without question. It's a gospel that doesn't demand us to carry our cross, to deny ourselves, or to genuinely follow in the footsteps of Christ. In this age, there's a dangerous misconception that secret sins and indiscretions can co-exist with the grace of God. Many individuals, even within the church, hold the belief that they will be welcomed into heaven, irrespective of how their lives directly contradict the teachings of God's word.

Many individuals in the world and in the church have this delusional belief that they can live their whole life like hell itself and enter the kingdom of God. However, I would like to remind you, Brethren, that God cares about how you live your life. God cares about the manner in which you live your life. The scripture in Matthew 16:24 serves as a stark reminder of the real tangible cost of discipleship that many choose to ignore or downplay. Jesus, speaking to his disciples, makes it clear that following him requires a willingness to deny oneself, take up a cross, and genuinely follow in his footsteps. This is not a casual commitment; it is a radical transformation of our lives.

In today's world, where convenience and comfort are highly prized, this message can be challenging to embrace fully. The call to self-denial, to forsake the easy path and to walk the narrow road is a call that challenges our human nature. It requires us to confront the secret sins we may have tucked away, hidden from the world's gaze but known to God. The notion of carrying our cross is not just symbolic, it's a reminder that discipleship involves sacrifice and a willingness to endure hardship for the sake of the Gospel. It means being ready to endure ridicule, opposition, and even persecution for our faith. The narrow path of discipleship demands our full commitment and unwavering dedication to God's will, even when it runs counter to the prevailing attitudes and values of society.

In a world that often prioritizes ease and self-indulgence, these words of Jesus compel us to re-evaluate our commitment to him. It challenges us to examine whether we've been lured into the wide and Broad way that leads to destruction, a path that tolerates sin, encourages self-gratification, and ignores the call to Holiness and righteousness.

As Disciples of Christ, we are called to stand apart from the world, to live lives that reflect the transformative power of His grace, and to be beacons of light in a world shrouded in darkness. The cost of discipleship may seem high when compared to the alluring Promises of the wide way, but it's a cost that leads to eternal life, a life in God's Presence that far surpasses the fleeting pleasures of this world. So in this age of easy gospel, let us not be swayed by the prevailing currents of compromise and accommodation. Instead, let us heed the words of Jesus in Matthew 16:24 and embark on the challenging yet rewarding journey of discipleship. It's a path marked by self-denial, the carrying of our cross, and unwavering commitment to Christ, but it's also the path that leads to the Abundant and eternal life that he offers"

"Matthew 7:13-14 Enter ye in at the Straight Gate, for wide is the gate and Broad is the way that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat; because straight is the gate and narrow is the way which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it. This passage teaches us that there are two ways in life: the wide way and the narrow way. The wide way is easy to find, and many people enter through it. It is the way of the world and it leads to destruction. It is a way that allows you to carry your sins, live in the flesh, live in lust, and the pride of life. The narrow way, on the other hand, is more difficult to find, and few people enter through it. It is the way of God, and it leads to life. The narrow way requires something of us; it requires that we leave our baggage behind. This baggage is our sin, our pride, our lust, our envy, and more. We cannot bring our baggage with us on the narrow way; we must leave it behind if we want to enter through the narrow gate.

To leave our baggage behind, we must come to the narrow gate with an attitude of repentance. Repentance means that we acknowledge our sin and turn away from it. We must confess our sin to God and ask for his forgiveness. Only then can we leave our baggage behind and enter through the narrow gate. We must also come to the narrow gate with a spirit of Brokenness. Brokenness means that we recognize our need for God; we realize that we cannot make it through life on our own. We need God's help and we need his grace. Only when we are broken can we truly enter through the narrow gate"

"Matthew 7:13-14 delivers a sobering message that resonates deeply in our modern world where many individuals, both within and outside the church, hold a misguided belief that they can live their lives without regard for God's righteousness and still secure a place in his kingdom. These verses from the gospel of Matthew reveal a profound truth: that the path to destruction often chosen by the majority is Broad and inviting, while the path to eternal life taken by only a few is narrow and demanding.

The wide way, symbolizing the worldly approach to life, beckons with the promise of immediate gratification. It allows for the indulgence of sin, the pursuit of worldly desires, and a self-centered existence. Many are drawn to this path, enticed by the Allure of temporal pleasures and the absence of accountability for their actions. It's the way that accommodates secret sins and offers the illusion of an easy journey. On the other hand, the narrow way, representing the path of righteousness set by God, stands in stark contrast. It is challenging to find and even more challenging to traverse. This way demands that we shed the baggage of sin, pride, lust, envy, and more. We cannot bring our sinful inclinations with us on this path. To enter through the narrow gate, we must come with a heart of repentance, acknowledging our sins and turning away from them. It necessitates a spirit of Brokenness, recognizing our dependence on God and our inability to navigate life without his grace and guidance" 

"After evaluating the provided text, I can conclude that the content shared is a video script that emphasizes the need for true discipleship, self-denial, and the narrow path to righteousness as described in the Bible, particularly in Matthew 7:13-14. The script conveys the message of staying committed to a life of righteousness and not being lured by the worldly path that leads to destruction. It emphasizes the need for repentance, self-denial, and a spirit of brokenness as essential elements of truly following Christ. The script also highlights the contrast between the wide and narrow paths and the eternal consequences of the choices made. Overall, it encourages a deep commitment to discipleship despite the challenges, and it underscores the ultimate reward of eternal life through faith and obedience to God's will.

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